This Philips Allergy Vacuum Cleaner Removes Fine Dust and Mites

 - Apr 14, 2016
There are dozens of upright allergy vacuums that can be used to give the entire household a thorough clean, but this model from Philips targets more concentrated areas within the home. Specifically, the Philips Mite Cleaner is designed as a solution to remove dust, mites and other allergens from soft surfaces. Some of the indoor surfaces that this powerful vacuum is ideal for tackling include beds, sofas, pillows and even plush toys.

The cleaning device includes a Philips UV light, EPA 12 filters to capture fine particles and filter exhaust air, as well as a small brush to maintain the cleanliness of the unit itself.

This small, lightweight unit is easily stored and ideal for quickly removing irritants for the upkeep of an allergy-friendly home.