WaterDrop is Capable of Producing Water in the Desert

 - Mar 31, 2016
References: sunglacier.nl & hortidaily
The World Resources Institute estimates that over 30 countries are expected to face water related issues by 2040, making this water device a smart solution to this growing problem. This looming threat of water shortages in the near future poses a big concern and requires innovative solutions. Ap Verheggen has been developing a cutting-edge handheld solar-powered device called the WaterDrop that is capable of producing cool drinking water using the laws of condensation.

When temperatures rise, the air contains more water (humidity) and most likely more sunshine. Photovoltaic modules on the outside of the WaterDrop absorb solar energy to power a fan, which cools air and produces condensation that collects as water drops in a small cistern. Essentially, the water device harvests water out of warm air using solar energy. This innovative concept could make water available in some of the driest parts of the planet.