These LED Shoe Lights Provide Illumination During Nighttime Walks or Jogs

 - Apr 8, 2016
References: hammacher & 7gadgets
Holding a flashlight while out for a walk isn't convenient when it comes to walking or jogging, so the LED Shoe Lights is designed to be affixed onto your footwear. The ultra-light design aesthetic of the flashlights allow them to be installed onto shoes with ease, while the water-resistant design helps protect them if inclement weather occurs.

Aside from offering a light throw of up to 15-meters in front of the user, the LED Shoe Lights also provide a flashing red indicator at the back. This alerts vehicles and other people around you of your presence to ensure maximum safety.

The lights feature built-in rechargeable batteries that will provide between four and eight hours of use before needing to be recharged.