LASIE is a Test to Determine Whether People are "Super-Recognisers"

LASIE is a test developed by Josh P. Davis, a psychology professor at the University of Greenwich. The test is designed to determine whether or not the taker is a "super-recogniser," or a person with a preternaturally strong ability to recognize and remember other people's faces.

The layout of the online LASIE test is straightforward. First, the test shows users an image of a face for between four and seven seconds. Then, that face disappears and the test brings up an array of eight different faces, one of which is the face that was on screen a moment ago. Users then have to pick out the correct face. Though it may seem easy, the test alternates between straight-on images, images of faces in profile and faces from different angles.

A score of 10 or higher means that the user may be a super-recogniser.