From Eco-Friendly Smart Bricks to Crop Yield Predictors

 - Sep 24, 2016
As the September 2016 science trends reveal, researchers are continuing to experiment with new technology as a way to remedy the effects of climate change, while also preventing further damage to the planet.

For many researchers, finding renewable sources of energy is key to protecting the environment. As a result, scientists all over the world are working on new and creative ways to generate power. Examples of these projects range from eco-friendly smart bricks to efficient solar steam generators.

Beyond cultivating new energy sources, the September 2016 science trends also reveal an emphasis on making modern agriculture more efficient. For instance, a startup called 'Descartes Labs' is currently working on technology that provides farmers with in-depth data on how their crops will preform. A more unusual agricultural project is the 'Pee Hive,' which turns urine into fertilizer.