The New Polariton Laser System Could Contribute to Advances in Optics

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: & digitaltrends
A new technological advancement from researchers at GatherLabs, a lab at the University of St. Andrews, could create a practical and function polariton laser. Polariton lasers are lasers that function at far lower power than traditional lasers, offering a host of benefits for optical computing. Perhaps most interestingly, though, the new polariton laser from GatherLabs uses the fluorescent proteins from jellyfish.

While polariton lasers themselves are nothing new, previous iterations of the technology were impractical for use in technology because they required cryogenic temperatures in order to operate. The biological material used by GatherLabs eliminates that limitation.

The new laser system could be huge for optical computing, since reducing the amount of energy necessary to encode a bit could both speed up a computer and decrease its environmental impact.