A Researcher Used Google's 'Deep Dream' to Create New Pokemon

 - Aug 17, 2016
References: bohemia.hatenablog & fastcodesign
Google's 'Deep Dream' is a neural network: essentially a learning algorithm that can take some piece of information as input and create new interpretations based on what it already knows. In the case of Deep Dream, the program takes images as input and can output new interpretations of those images. Using that principle, a Japanese researcher who goes by Bohemia input the original 151 Pokemon characters into Deep Dream, and the output is bizarre.

The algorithm is still too primitive to be able to generate flawlessly designed characters that would be ready for their debut in Pokemon GO. Rather, Bohemia's project outputs vaguely Pokemon-looking designs that appear almost impressionistic, as if Pokemon had been an inspiration for Claude Monet. Nonetheless, this application of the Deep Dream algorithm is a fascinating combination of computer science and pop culture.