The 'Omnicopter' Drone Can Fly Through All Six Degrees of 3D Space

 - Aug 17, 2016
References: & cnet
Standard four-rotor drones are impressive, as any unmanned aerial vehicle is, but the 'Omnicopter drone' from researchers at ETZ in Zurich, Switzerland, solves the limitations that stymie typical drones. While any drone can fly through four degrees of 3D space (i.e. vertically upwards and downwards and horizontally side to side), the Omnicopter drone uses eight rotors, each placed at unique angles, that allows it to rotate its body and fly through six degrees of 3D space.

The key to the cubic Omnicopters range of motion is in both the placement and capability of its rotors. Each rotor is pointed in a different direction along the x, y, and z, axes, and each rotor can switch the direction of its spin mid-flight. These features allow the Omnicopter drone to fly in complete novel formations.