From 360-Degree Olympic Coverage to Water Crisis VR Films

 - Sep 25, 2016
As the September 2016 VR trends reveal, virtual technology is quickly moving beyond the world of gaming to change the way we view other forms of video content.

One form of entertainment that is being radically altered by VR is that of sports broadcasting. With virtual technology, fans are now able to fully immerse themselves in a game in the same way they would if they were watching it live. This technology has already been tested with sports such as soccer and was recently used to bring fans closer to the action during the Rio Olympics.

The September 2016 VR trends also reveal that more traditional forms of media are embracing virtual technology. For instance, the documentary film 'charity: water' was recently screened in VR to help viewers better understand the water crisis in Ethiopia. Similarly, the news agency Reuters recently teamed up with Samsung to help viewers move beyond news headlines.