Google's 'Tilt Brush' VR Paintings React to Audio Inputs Like Music

 - Aug 3, 2016
References: youtube & theverge
As if Google's 'Tilt Brush,' the tool that allows for amazing VR paintings, isn't impressive enough, the company has released an update that makes those 3D artworks respond to music and other audio inputs. The brilliant lines and brushstrokes available in Tilt Brush's VR paintings will now "bounce, sway, move and pulse" with the beat or with any other soundscape consumers create.

According to Google, Tilt Brush users need only to play computer audio from any source -- be it an app, a browser window, or anything else -- and enable "Audio Reactor" mode on their Tilt Brush. They can then paint as before and watch their sketches visualize the sonic input.

Aside from the visceral impact that musical VR paintings would have, the fact that the paintings respond to any sound opens up creative possibilities. Experimental artists could use the new technology to create immersive visual and auditory landscapes beyond anything previously available.