The Dexmo Glove Helps You Engage With Objects In the Virtual World

 - Aug 25, 2016
References: dextarobotics & engadget
A China-based startup by the name of Dexta Robotics is launching a futuristic and high-tech mechanical exoskeleton glove that is designed to do what no other VR gadget out there is currently able to do, which is be able to engage with objects in the virtual world while feeling their shape and other physical factors.

While there are other VR gloves being developed, these only provide limited tactile feedback. This is where the Dexmo comes in. This mechanical exoskeleton glove will allow wearers to engage with virtual objects with a different level of tactile immersion.

This mechanical exoskeleton glove technology offers a very wide range of potential applications. It could be used in a wide array of educational settings to help users get a more immersive level of engagement with educational elements, or even used in medical and military settings.