The 'Wands' Game Lets Players Battle with Magic Spells Online

 - Aug 19, 2016
References: wandsgame & digitaltrends
The Wands game is an online shooter available on the Samsung Gear VR headset. As opposed to most shooters that, as one would expect, rely on either real or fictional guns, the Wands game is all about casting deadly magic spells, replacing firearms with its namesake.

In the Wands game, VR players can run through virtual arenas, using the spells that they've learned by defeating other wizards. One of the more unique aspects of this shooter is that it solves the problem of VR spectating. Since VR games take place in first-person, on the player's personal headset, that player's friends can't see the action. The Wands website offers live streams of every game on its servers, so friends can pull out a smartphone or laptop and follow the action as it happens.