From Instant Messaging Games to Multiplayer VR Consoles

 - Dec 16, 2016
Gamers often get pigeonholed as loners who sequester themselves from the real world, but such a stereotype ignores the reality of social gaming today. Though the asocial image might have had some credence before the advent of online gaming, the Internet has allowed socializing to become an essential part of identifying with gamer culture.

Social gaming systems exist for all levels of gamers, from hardcore to sports to casual gamers. The Playstation Plus League is one example; it offers global tournaments and communities for a host of different genres, including first-person shooters and sports games like FIFA 2017 and NBA 2K17.

Not all gamers need to play on a console or PC. People who play on their mobile devices might not think of themselves as gamers, but casual gaming is the most popular of all types. Facebook's new Messenger-embedded games are a way for these players to stay social while playing.