'My Text in Your Handwriting' Creates Forged Text from Small Samples

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: ucl.ac.uk & gizmodo
'My Text in Your Handwriting' is a piece of handwriting forging software developed by researchers from the University College London. With input of only a paragraph of handwritten text, the software is able to develop a quasi-font that looks like authentic handwriting in the style submitted.

While "font" might be the best description of 'My Text in Your Handwriting's' output, there is little that connects the software to something that comes from a word processor. Fonts are regular, with every letter being the same each time it's typed, while handwritten letters change each time. The forging software takes that variance into account to create authentically handwritten text based on any real handwriting.

Though the software could potentially be used nefariously, the researchers also see it being used by stroke victims who have limited motor control.