This Huge Airship Could Be Used For Civilian & Industrial Applications

 - Aug 10, 2016
References: hybridairvehicles & newatlas
Hybrid Air Vehicles has gone ahead and unveiled its extraordinarily huge airship, the Airlander 10, which was first developed for the US Army as a Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle designed for potential use in military conflicts around the world.

This huge airship, which is set to undergo its first test flight in Britain in the near future, is capable of lifting an enormous payload of 10,000 kg up to an altitude of up to 20,000 feet. It is capable of moving at speeds ranging from between 37 and 148 km/h, impressive figures considering the payload that it is designed to carry.

Despite being initially designed for military applications, this huge aircraft is now being adapted for a variety of civilian uses in the realm of tourist transportation, cargo, scientific surveying and communications.