From Heroic Custom Motorcycles to Foldable Electric Bikes

 - Sep 24, 2016
The top September 2016 transportation ideas introduce concepts that have the potential to revolutionize travel by land, air and sea.

On land, places like London and China are putting work into their public transportation systems, particularly with buses. Transport for London buses now offer real-time traffic updates, while China's own TEB-1 bus includes a space underneath it large enough for two lanes of cars to pass through—effectively helping to reduce the buildup of traffic on the road from the large bus.

Another ultra-sustainable idea of note is the electric-powered Karma Revero vehicle, which boasts solar panels on its roof as a means to help keep the car topped up on the go.

In terms of some of the pathways that permit easy travel, one of the most innovative ideas includes the Highway G107 concept for Bao'an, China, which looks to the future of transportation by driverless cars and drones.