This Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Shifts Weights Within Its Wings

 - Aug 5, 2016
References: & newatlas
A talented aerospace engineering graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington has managed to make use of an execute a highly innovative approach towards making airplanes more streamlined and fuel-efficient by inventing a small unmanned aerial vehicle that employs a brilliantly unique technique to execute turns.

What's great about this small unmanned aerial vehicle is the fact that it is able to turn by simply shifting the weights within its wings.

Sampath Reddy Vengate came up with the idea after designing an aircraft that he noticed had trouble staying on path when carrying a payload, which made him realize the utility of weight-shifting technologies.

This small unmanned aerial vehicle is truly a trailblazing design that could lead to further applications of streamlined aircraft engineering, with the end result being fuel efficiency and cost savings.