This Aggressive Motorcycle Makes a Mockery Of Heavy Mud & Slush

 - Aug 3, 2016
References: moto2x2 & newatlas
The Taurus 2x2 is a spectacularly solid and brutally aggressive motorcycle, designed in Russia, that is designed to make it easier for people working in agricultural environments to easily navigate their vehicle through mud like a knife slicing through butter.

This aggressive motorcycle is powered by a 210 cc engine that allows for considerable power, while its speed is aided by the fact that it weighs no more than 82 kg. The tires' pressures are kept intentionally low so as to make it easier for the bike to plough through stubborn and muddy terrain.

The Taurus 2x2 may not grace the cover of motorbike magazines any time soon, but it is a beautiful automotive innovation in the manner in which it perfectly conforms to its intended utility and function.