This Disney Patent Would Let People Use Lightsabers on Lasers

 - Aug 18, 2016
References: patentyogi & io9.gizmodo
With Disney's incredibly successful 'Star Wars' reboot capturing the imaginations of kids everywhere, the entertainment giant is working on innovative ways to make the franchise come to life, and its new laser-deflecting lightsaber patent might be one option.

Considering that the company is planning to open Star Wars-themed sections of its parks in California and Florida, the laser-deflecting lightsaber concept is a timely one. According to the patent, the system will involve a drone that flies around a person and fires beams of light at them. That person will be equipped with a "faux light saber," as the patent terms it, that is equipped with LEDs up and down the shaft. The drone will be able to sense the LEDs, and its laser beams will be fired at them, giving consumers the impression of deflecting attacks from a 'Star Wars' menace.