The 'Natavo Zero' Keeps Avocados Ripe Without the Use of Chemicals

 - Aug 3, 2016
References: naturotechnologies & mashable
Avocados are equal parts delicious and perishable, which is why Naturo Technologies' 'Natavo Zero' is venturing to make them as long-lasting as possible. The problem with the fruit is that, once cut up, they go brown and mushy within a couple days. With the Natavo Zero, nicknamed the "Avocado Time Machine," avocados last a minimum of 10 days without any chemicals, additives, preservatives or processing agents.

Though the Natavo Zero would be great as a handy kitchen gadget, the machine is industrial-sized in its current iteration. Nonetheless, it could be a boon for large-scale business with a vested interest in keeping avocados fresh for longer. Considering the massive consumer interest in superfoods, a category that avocados fall into, extending the fruit's shelf life is essential for saving money.