This Contest Requires Virtual Robots to Fix Specific Problems

 - Aug 19, 2016
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The Space Robotics Challenge is a fascinating new engineering contest that is designed to challenge the most talented and ambitious engineers around to contribute to coming up with systems, processes and technologies that could be drawn upon when humankind eventually starts colonizing Mars.

An initiative jointly put together by NASA as part of a collaboration with innovation organization NineSigma, this engineering contest's specific brief to participants is that they develop robots that are capable of substituting in for astronauts for certain hazardous tasks. The Space Robotics Challenge outlines specific tasks that virtual robots will have to be able to successfully carry out, and these range from being able to fix a solar panel to being able to identify and seal leaks.

This contest speaks to the growing importance of virtual robotic modelling in space exploration, with engineering robots holding great utility in that they can help model situations and help scientists better understand the best way forward.