In DARPA's 'Cyber Grand Challenge,' Software Programs Hack it Out

 - Jul 28, 2016
References: cybergrandchallenge & wired
With more and more of modern day existence requiring the digital exchange of data, cyber security is as important as its ever been, which is why DARPA has funded the Cyber Grand Challenge, the first ever all-machine hacking tournament. In the Cyber Grand Challenge, seven supercomputer software programs put together by teams from around the world will compete to simultaneously protect their own data while stealing data from the other six programs. The tournament offers $4 million in prize winnings, an exclamation point on the importance of such a task.

The impetus behind the Cyber Grand Challenge is in the rise of the Internet of Things. While interconnected everyday devices are certainly convenient, the more IoT there is, the easier it could be for hackers to use malware to steal sensitive information. The Cyber Grand Challenge is a way to demonstrate how powerful anti-malware can be in protecting information.