MIT's 'Self-Assembly Lab' is Reimagining the Manufacturing Industry

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: & fastcodesign
MIT's 'Self-Assembly Lab' is a division of the world-renowned technological institute that is devoted to eliminating itself. The lab, run by Skylar Tibbits, is working on creating products and materials that create themselves. The Self-Assembly Lab has already created self-building furniture and self-tying shoes using special materials that rely on the innovations found in natural processes like DNA generation.

The lab's most recent product is taking on a competitive industry: tech. Specifically, it has created a prototype of a mobile phone that can assemble itself when agitated. More than just a phone with magnetic parts, the Self-Assembly Lab phones can have multiple parts dropped into a spinning vat, and, within minutes, the multiple phones will have assembled themselves, with the right piece for each phone falling into place.