The 'Dynamic Vision Sensor' Takes Inspiration from Eyes to Process Images

 - Aug 15, 2016
References: & cnet
Computers can process certain things far faster than humans, but the human brain remains perhaps the most efficient data-handling system in the universe, and the new 'Dynamic Vision Sensor' from Samsung is taking inspiration from the way that the brain processes light. While ordinary digital cameras can process video at a maximum of 120 frames per second, the Dynamic Vision Sensor can take in 2,000 frames per second through the use of biologically inspired technology.

The camera system uses TrueNorth computer chips, an IBM technology that itself takes inspiration from the brain. Rather than traditional silicon chips that use strict sequencing, the TrueNorth chips use neuromorphic computing to process data like brains do, cutting down on the amount of energy used.

The Dynamic Vision Sensor takes advantage of TrueNorth to power each pixel in the camera independently, allowing for far more efficient processing and a more powerful camera.