From Slo-Mo Video Recorders to Panoramic Camera Spheres

 - Nov 30, 2014
These November 2014 photography ideas range from panoramic camera spheres to slo-mo video recorders that allow tech lovers to experience professional grade technology right at their fingertips.

POV videos and photography are on the rise as reputable brands such as Sony invest in this emerging fad. Whether exploring an urban cityscape through the eyes of a soaring eagle or examining a canvas through an artist's gaze, the POV image style is bound to keep evolving.

When looking at the latest November 2014 photography products that are emerging on the market, panoramic camera spheres and high quality mobile lens attachments are favorites of dedicated tech buffs with a strong interest in photography.

Moreover, photo manipulation apps are merging pop culture imagery with real-time photography and are enhancing one's virtual experience by blurring the lines of reality.