The Max Planck Insititute's 'Holograms for Acoustics' Create 3D Images

 - Sep 22, 2016
References: nature & gizmodo
When people think of holograms, they often think of the systems from science fiction franchises like 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' that use light to create 3D images, however researchers from the Max Planck Institute have managed to achieve the same effect using sound. The Max Planck researchers' 'Holograms for Acoustics' use highly focused sound waves to manipulate fluids and create discernible images for as long as the sounds last.

The technique involves using a transducer to direct pulses of sound at a thin layer of water, causing the water to be agitated and form shapes. Using their method, the Max Planck researchers were able to make the water into the shape of a dove, cause a droplet of water to levitate, and propel paper boats along the surface of the water.