This Augmented Reality Experience Comprises a Guided Tour of Mars

The Kennedy Space Center is offering a grandiose new augmented reality experience that makes use of Microsoft HoloLens technology to immerse guests in a spellbinding tour of different parts of Mars.

Inspired by a collaboration between NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Microsoft, 'Destination: Mars' puts users inside a virtual and three-dimensional Martian environment put together by making use of images captured by the Curiosity rover on Mars' surface. This augmented reality experience takes the form of a guided tour, with the guides being none another than NASA scientist and Curiosity rover operator Erisa Hines and famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

The 'Destination: Mars' experience is set to run until January 2017, and is available for a price of $50. It's quite possibly the best example there is of augmented reality being harnessed for the purposes of both education and entertainment.