The 'A-Circle' Buoy Features a Pant-Like Design to Ensure Aquatic Safety

 - Oct 31, 2016
References: yankodesign
The 'A-Circle' life buoy features a wearable design that makes it seem more like a piece of clothing rather than a simple life saving device.

Traditional emergency aquatic buoys are intended to provide buoyancy and not much else; the 'A-Circle,' however, has a bevy of features to help ensure optimal safety in the water.

The 'A-Circle' buoy protects the legs of the user from coming in contact with the water to ensure they are kept warm and protected from aquatic predators. To use the 'A-Circle' life buoy, a user would step into it rather than pull it overtop of them. The conceptual 'A-Circle' features GPS technology and a lighting system to help rescuers identify them quickly.

The 'A-Circle' is the design work of Xue Wenkai, Sun Jian, Qi Hongrui, Wang Hongchen, Li Tingyu and Zhang Yahan from the Laboratory of Industrial Design at the LuXun Academy of Fine Arts in China.