Will.i.am's 'i.am Buttons' Turn Into a Necklace When Not in Use

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: iamplus & techcrunch
The i.am Buttons, a new set of Bluetooth headphones from Will.i.am, act as a happy medium between the problems that plague both wireless and wired headphones. Whereas wireless headphones run the risk of getting lost easily and wired headphones are bulky and unwieldy when stored, the i.am Buttons come with a cable, but not for transmitting music.

While still wireless Bluetooth headphones in the traditional sense, the i.am Buttons come with a wire that attaches them not to a music device, but to one another. The cable has some technological features, like a microphone and a controller, but its primary purpose is to act as a chain for the headphones' other formation: a necklace. The ear buds themselves have metal disks attached to the outside that magnetically clip together when taken off, turning the headphones into a stylish accessory.