From Language-Teaching Wearables to Music-Isolating Headphones

 - Nov 19, 2016
These November 2016 gadgets range from music-isolating headphones to language-teaching wearables like 'Mersiv,' a pendant-inspired device that can be programmed to offer customized language lessons to users.

Additional standouts include creativity-boosting innovations like 'ORBI Prime' -- glasses that shield wearers from the sun's rays while letting them record videos in HD. In addition to letting users capture high quality videos, the shades also offer 360-degree capture capabilities, appealing to content creators seeking to shoot candid footage while in motion.

Additional November 2016 gadgets to take note of include discreet health monitors -- designed more like a stylish smartwatch than a medical device -- along with lunar-themed light switches that fuse a sleek design with intuitive dimming and brightening functions that can be customized by users.