The Wellspring 'Wellpure' Water Treatment System Uses No Chemicals

Using no chemicals, electricity or moving parts to operate, the Wellspring 'Wellpure' water treatment system is designed to be an eco-friendly way to help hydrate one's garden. The Wellspring 'Wellpure' system works by conditioning water and enabling the amount of water needed by gardens to be decreased by up to 50%.

The water that is passed through the Wellspring 'Wellpure' system helps to enhance the growing environment for greenery and help to restrict water use in areas that are experiencing or will experience drought. This will be of imperative importance as the environment continues to change and require effective solutions to decrease consumption of natural resources.

The Wellspring 'Wellpure' water treatment system is currently being funded as part of a Kickstarter campaign where the garden version can be purchased at an early bird price of just $49.