The Color Muse Matches Real-World Colors with Paints from Many Brands

 - Oct 11, 2016
References: & digitaltrends
The 'Color Muse' is a pocket sized device that can make interior designers' jobs easier. It's impossible to know when inspiration will strike, and unlike writers who can jot down their thoughts or illustrators who can make a sketch, interior designers previously had to rely on memory when it came to color inspiration. The Color Muse removes the potential faultiness of remembrance, letting designers scan any color they encounter in their daily lives.

Beyond scanning and storing the color that users show it, the Color Muse device has a database of paint colors from several massive paint manufacturers, and it can match the color it scans to the closest paint from a given brand. This means that designers can be confident the paint they buy is exactly the color they were first intrigued by.