The CaseStudi 'Libre' Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is Naturalistic

The CaseStudi 'Libre' wireless Bluetooth keyboard allows those who want to maintain a wireless aesthetic on their workstation as well as anywhere else they go. The CaseStudi 'Libre' features an internal battery pack that will provide hours of use before needing to be recharged and even features a spill-proof design. This will come in handy for those who work through lunch or call the coffee shop their office.

The CaseStudi 'Libre' keyboard is designed to be extremely thin to ensure that it doesn't take up much space in one's bag and is inherently lightweight. Just 5mm thick, the CaseStudi 'Libre' wireless Bluetooth keyboard features a wooden aesthetic that gives it a naturalistic touch. An adjustable backlight for the keys allows users to work in dark or low-lit environments with ease.