- Aug 24, 2017
These custom gaming accessories demonstrate that competitive players are eager to find the latest products that can help them to increase their ability, as well as a high level of enjoyment and comfort while playing.

An example of the former is the 'aLLreLi,' a mechanic keypad that's designed to be used with one hand. What's most interesting about the aLLreLi however is its ability to be programmed by the player, so that all the functions that they need are as accessible as possible so that they can decrease the amount of time it takes to react.

Also featured is the 'Vive N Chill,' a system of fans that were created to keep users of the HTC Vive cool while they explore the reality they're immersed in. As VR games evolve, the actions required by users have become more advanced and interactive, meaning that it's totally possible to break a sweat while playing.

From Revitalized Retro Controllers to Connected Fidget Spinners: