The 'XBows' Keyboard is Designed with the Hands in Mind

 - Jan 17, 2017
References: yankodesign
The vast majority of keyboard designs are created without a regard to how a person might actually use it, which the 'XBows' keyboard addresses directly. The 'XBows' features keys that are arranged on a crossbow-style radial in order to make it more contoured and ergonomic for a person to type. This comes in handy for extended bouts of typing or for those who are avid gamers that require a more ergonomic way to reach the necessary keys to navigate the game.

The 'XBows' keyboard transitions perceptions when it comes to keyboard designs to be less focused on symmetry and more focused on actual usage. The keyboard is the design work of Sigo Wong and identifies how the keyboard could be augmented to be more user-friendly.