The Falcon 8+ is Designed For Industrial Mapping Applications

 - Oct 14, 2016
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The brand 'Intel' probably conjures up images of computer chips and processors first and foremost, but the company is looking to expand its horizons with the launch of a high-tech new commercial drone that isn't designed for adventure photography but rather for industrial applications in the realm of mapping and surveying of facilities and large swathes of land.

This particular commercial drone is dubbed the Falcon 8+, and features a water-resistant structure to evade rainy days, not to mention an Intel chipset-powered computer that is designed to help the drone execute highly complicated flight routes, with drone pilots also able to make use of a joystick to step in and control the flight path.

This commercial drone offers a lot of potential for industrial inspection applications thanks to its ability to accurately stay true to convoluted and detailed flight maps.