The Withings Pulse Ox Tracks a Bevy of Vital Signs Comprehensively

 - Oct 14, 2016
References: & thegadgetflow
There is certainly no shortage of health fitness trackers on the market, but the Withings Pulse Ox aims to help track all of the wearers vital signs for comprehensive fitness tracking.

The Withings Pulse Ox is capable of tracking steps, distance traveled, elevation and even calories burned, but it doesn't stop there. The device also keeps track of your heart rate and blood oxygen level to let users know when they are in their target heart rate during workouts and much more.

The Withings Pulse Ox can track vital signs, but it's also compatible with a wide array of different apps that make integrating the health-tracking device easier. The device takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to health maintenance to ensure nothing is left out of the equation.