Wicked Lasers' FlashTorch Mini Can Start Fires for Camping

 - Oct 25, 2016
References: wickedlasers & gizmodo
Wicked Lasers' FlashTorch Mini is a camping flashlight with a serious amount of power. True to the British term, the FlashTorch Mini is so strong that it can act as a literal torch, lighting fires with its bulb.

The FlashTorch Mini's specs are impressive. It packs the same amount of power as Wicked Lasers' original, larger FlashTorch, with a light that blasts 2,300 lumens. However, the new light is just over eight and a half inches long, making it far easier to carry around on camping trips compared to its larger relative.

On full power, the FlashTorch Mini is capable of starting fires or acting as a constant source of heat for cooking meals. However, if consumers want to conserve energy in the rechargeable battery, they can reduce the lumens to their needs.