The Even H1 Headphones Use EarPrint Technology to Tune to Each User

 - Oct 20, 2016
References: & thenextweb
Every person's sense of hearing is unique, with slight differences in the ability to register areas of the frequency spectrum, and the 'Even H1' headphones use special technology to maximize the listening experience for each wearer. Called EarPrint, the technology conducts a test when wearers first activate the headphones, then adjusts the sound that that pair plays from then on.

The EarPrint test is simple yet accurate. When a user first dons the Even H1, they press the logo on the cord to start the test. That test plays several different pieces of music that gradually increase in volume. When the user can hear the music, they press the button. After conducting the test, the Even H1 shows the user how it will adjust the headphones for their ears.