HoverSeat Turns Hoverboard Toys into a Rolling Beach Chair

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: hoverseat.us & thenextweb
Hoverboards -- the two-wheeled motorized toys that are so popular with teens -- are convenient, but without the HoverSeat, they take a relatively high degree of focus and skill to use. The HoverSeat is a hoverboard attachment that makes the motorized toy a far more relaxed experience.

At its core, the HoverSeat is a frame that attaches to the central pivot-point of certain hoverboards. This frame adds a solid base as two more wheels behind the hoverboard. Consumers then place their own beach chair or the HoverSeat-branded beach chair on top of this frame, turning their beach chair into a foot-controlled wheelchair.

Though the ability to add any beach chair is certainly convenient, the HoverSeat's only limitation is its compatibility with hoverboards. In its current iteration, the HoverSeat frame can only accept six- and 10-inch wheelbases.