The 'AquaBoom' System Uses Water to Safely Train Anyone

 - Aug 15, 2016
References: studiomoyadesign & core77
The AquaBoom is a fitness device that gains versatility from water. Many fitness devices on the market are effective for people in excellent shape but too intense for average users or, conversely, great for average people and too light for high-performance athletes. The AquaBoom provides full-body conditioning for anyone, regardless of their current level of fitness.

The AquaBoom's trick is in its name. The device, installed at the edge of a pool, takes advantage of the human body's buoyancy in water, delivering an ergonomic workout to people of all skill and fitness levels.

Plus, because the AquaBoom's workouts are all in water, the low-impact, high-intensity workout limits the risk of injury, as slipping or falling from the device simply means ending up in the pool.