This Portable Wooden Speaker Emits a Vintage Charm and Cutting-Edge Sound

The on-the-go sound system has been reworked by Sahil Thappa into this portable wooden speaker. With all of the charm of retro electronics and the beautiful texture of natural materials, this device has a broad appeal that diverges from its competing products.

While many other manufacturers have been creating bright colors, silicone cases and water-proof features, the Sonic Architect Vai sound system reverts aesthetically to the transistor radio, complete with a soft leather strap to enable convenient carrying from home to park.

The body of this portable wooden speaker is assembled from laser-cut panels that fit snugly together. The designer even offers his directions for craftier types to make their own, available on Instructables. In this little timber package, users can achieve 6 Watts of amplified sound and 20 hours of non-stop music.