The 'Pocket Shot' is the Size of a Yo-Yo and Fires Full-Sized Arrows

 - Aug 8, 2016
References: thepocketshot
The bow and arrow is an old weapon with many benefits for hunters, including stealth and the ability to be reused, but the 'Pocket Shot' gadget addresses the traditional bow and arrow's greatest flaw: a lack of portability. At about the size and shape of a yo-yo, the Pocket Shot is no toy; it's capable of firing full-sized arrows up to 150 feet per second.

The key to the Pocket Shot's small size is in its slingshot-like design. Rather than relying on the tension of a bow's arms to impart force on an arrow, the Pocket Shot uses a strong and stretchy rubber "arrow pouch" to fire arrows. Hunters simply slip their arrows through the 'Whisker Biscuit' cap, pull back on the arrow pouch and let fly.