The Tiny TS Synthesizer is the Size of a Credit Card

 - Nov 30, 2016
References: indiegogo & theverge
The 'Tiny TS' is a minuscule synthesizer that lets musicians take their creativity with them anywhere they go. The fully functional synth measures in at 3.94 by 2.56 inches, approximately the size of a credit card, with a profile narrow enough to comfortably fit in one's wallet.

The Tiny TS was designed by Jan Ostman, who offers a few different versions of the minute music-maker. These versions all come in a similarly tiny size. Despite their compactness, the synths have all the basic features of any other device, including audio, CV, and gate outputs. They also have a full one-octave touch keyboard -- an impressive feat of design considering the lack of space on the device.

As an open-source device, the Tiny TS allows code-savvy users to tweak it as they see fit.