This Hi-Tech Barrel Organ Prints Dimpled Discs and Plays Them

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: & yankodesign
Many music lovers feel nostalgia related to the tangibility of their albums and the joy of collecting records, making these types the target consumers of a modern-day barrel organ. Jeongdae Kim has come up with a concept that bonds compact disk manufacturing with playing and amplifying, all packed into one slick-looking cylinder.

The Prinpl gets its name from a hybridization of "print" and "play." It integrates a 3D printer that can turn digitize sounds and songs into little bumps on a 'Dot CD.' This can be played by the contemporary music box by running a metal plate over the raised dots. This unique music player can offer that tactility now missing from mp3 tracks and steaming, all the while equipping CD lovers with a new precision device for listening to their old favorites over new speakers.