The WhammyPhone Uses Flexible Screen Materials to Play Music

 - Oct 17, 2016
References: hml.queensu & digitaltrends
The WhammyPhone is a smartphone that might not draw much attention for its telephonic capabilities. However, the phone's twisted design features mean that making phone calls on it will hardly be users' top priority.

The WhammyPhone is made from a flexible screen and body that allow it to be bent and twisted like a piece of elastic rubber. Then, thanks to the addition of some purpose-built apps, the WhammyPhone is able to both play and distort music as its users bend it out of shape.

The musical apps on the WhammyPhone include a violin app in which bending the phone acts like pulling the bow over the strings, an EDM app that speeds up and slows down the loops as the phone bends, and a guitar app that turns the entire phone into a whammy bar (hence the name WhammyPhone.)