These In-Ear Monitors Offer Ultra-Accurate Audio Frequency Delivery

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: rha-audio & newatlas
Scottish company RHA is launching a new set of in-ear monitors that are designed to bring together the durability and protection that you'd expect from a hard ceramic sheathing with the high-tech innards of a modern musical gadget.

While it's more than sufficient to throw on any old earphones for casual music-listening and workout inspiration, serious musicians and producers need to be able to enjoy exceptionally precise audio frequency translations in order to be able to create the sorts of sounds that they are pursuing, which is exactly where the CL1 Ceramic in-ear monitors come in. These earphones, which will cost $549.95, promise for well-balanced sound that respects all frequencies rather than overly focusing on the bass as many casual consumer headphones do.

These in-ear monitors' ability to accurately and wholesomely reproduce sounds helps musicians to better appreciate audio parameters and incorporate them into their music.