The 'Krome' Headphones are Capable of Being Changed for Different Genres

 - Oct 4, 2016
References: yankodesign
When it comes to headphones a person usually has to take a gamble on a singular pair, but the 'Krome' music headphones are designed to be augmented to suit different genres. Different drivers are capable of being inserted into the headphone set in order to provide the kind of experience desired by the listener.

Designed by Tuna Baser, the 'Krome' headphones feature the Hi-Fi, Rock and Wob Wob Wob drivers, which pertain to three overarching kinds of music. Each one is designed with a different color including rose gold for Hi-Fi, gold for Rock and silver for Wob Wob Wob. This allows the 'Krome' music headphones to let those around you know what kind of music you're listening to without having to actually hear it.