The Actywell ONE Headphones Play Music Based on Users' Body States

 - Nov 7, 2016
References: kickstarter & yankodesign
It can be difficult to pick the right music for one's mood, so the Actywell ONE headphones have been designed to do it automatically. The headphones use body sensors, environmental data, machine learning, and a massive music database to autonomously pick tracks based on its users' perceived moods.

The Actywell ONE headphones connect to users' smartphones and access their Spotify accounts. They then assess the wearer's "Bio state," as Actywell puts it, to select the perfect song. Bio state is measured through a combination of heart rate and stress levels as sensed through the device as well as other environmental factors like weather, location, movement, date and time.

Users have a degree of control over the device. Though it makes its selections automatically, it also uses machine learning to discover what users enjoy based on their Bio states. Users can also opt to turn the sensors off entirely and use the device like a normal pair of headphones.