'Vinyl Me, Please' Sends Consumers Curated LPs to Explore

 - Aug 3, 2016
References: vinylmeplease
For consumers looking to find new music to listen to can turn to the 'Vinyl Me, Please' subscription service that revamps an interest in LPs for the millennials by sending curated records directly to the consumer. The service is based on a monthly basis subscription and it provides consumers with new music in a physical form.

While MP3s and video streaming are the more popular channels to listen to music on these days, 'Vinyl Me, Please' focuses on repackaging vinyls to suit younger consumers. The brand sends indie artists that consumers might not hear of otherwise in record form directly to their doorstep. This allows users to explore the album, the artwork as well as a customized cocktail pairing that is branded to the sound and aesthetic of the artist.